Listening to a podcast has become the new reading a book. The advantages of podcasts are plenty: You can quickly grasp new information and improve your debating skills. Podcast editors usually present more than one perspective at once to check facts and fight bias. And the best about podcasts is their multiple-task factor: you can listen to them while walking, doing sports, in the bus, in the car, or to even fall asleep. I put together a selection of 8 top notch knowledge and debating Spotify podcasts that discuss trending topics and feature high quality speakers.

Listening to these jewels, you will become the star of every debate!

1. For Podcast beginners: The Daily

The Daily is a news podcast format provided by the New York Times. Episodes last about 20-30 minutes and each discusses trending issues in politics, society and economics. As its name promises, the Daily offers new perspectives every day, 365 days per year.

2. Improve your debating skills in only 25 minutes: The Economist Asks

If you are interested in a variety of topics explained by high-profile people and journalists, the Economist Asks is the right platform for you. The 25-30 minute episodes range from political affairs, over media landscapes until food culture. They are easy to follow and good for short podcast breaks in between.

3. The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads

No time to read newspaper articles? Why don’t you listen to The Guardian’s long reads now and then instead? In this podcast, new articles and archived pieces that The Guardian covers are read directly to you. This Podcast is perfect for diving deep into a variety of topics from Science, Psychology, History and Politics. A good way is to mix them up!


4. For the busy ones among us: The Intelligence

One The Intelligence episode only lasts about twenty minutes.  Its topics range from hot-debated news over historic events and main issues that have not reached wide attention yet but definitely should. The Intelligence is offered by The Economist and fits perfectly to anyone curious about a wide range of issues.

5. The top Philosophy Podcasts: History of Philosophy 1&2

You don’t want the world to be explained to you, but rather ponder about the underlying questions of human existence? Then the two Podcasts History of Philosophy and History of Indian and Asian Philosophy will be a perfect fit. I promise, with this comprehensive guides through three thousand years of history of philosophy, you will not get bored any time soon.


6. Looking for debating skills on European affairs? Inside Europe!

Deutsche Welle is one of the major news outlets on the international media landscape. In their weekly podcast Inside Europe, reporters and newsagents discuss up-to-date issues in Europe. Italian wine, German car production, and European COVID-19 vaccinations – this podcast covers them all.


7. Stay informed about planet earth with Climate Change Weekly

You are passionate about saving the planet, fighting climate change, and improving our environment and health? Then you should be listening to Climate Change Weekly to stay informed about scientific discoveries and political changes related to our environment. This podcast brings the streets of Fridays for the Future to your home!


8. Debating for advanced podcasts listeners: Intelligence Squared

This is my absolute favorite podcasts of all. Admittedly, the Intelligence Squared is only for the ones already passionate about politics, culture, and international relations, as most topics require an advanced understanding of the issues to follow the debates. The best feature of the podcasts is the “for-or-against-the-notion-debate” where 4 to 5 people give their view on a topic. If you are looking for sharp analysis and a heated debate between the world’s most intelligent minds, this podcast will not disappoint you.

I hope you enjoyed this compilation of podcasts. Give each of them a try and decide which ones are interesting for you and why. I ensure you, it’s totally worth it!

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