Hello! I am Lene, a cultured traveler and I visited more than twenty-four countries and multiple places. Above all, I am a writing enthusiast who likes to tell meaningful stories about people, communities, and places. My goal is to bring those experiences and my readers closer together to empower both hands in hand. This is also the reason for my blog, Lenita Tropical. 

Why name it Lenita Tropical?

Eyebrows raised, why this name? In fact, there is no single explanation. The best way is to describe a feeling: Imagine yourself, laying in the sun, thinking about travel experiences, the people you met, and the beauty of nature and life. That is the part “Tropical”. Lenita is just for fun.

About the stories 

My traveling style can be best described as a culture traveler. Why? Because even though I love hiking mountains, visiting national parks, and fun adventure activities, I travel because of people. For me, meeting people from all over the world and get to know their personal story is the most enriching experience. This also means I like learning about the politics of every place and I always try to comprehend the day-to-day life of the local people I meet. With this in mind, I wanted to create not another travel blog, but a different travel blog. My goal is to share stories from persons and communities, that make you want to get to know those places as well. More than a guide on what to do in which city or country, this is a blog on whom to meet and which questions to ask when you are traveling.

All stories are meaningful and inspired by authentic people telling their fascinating stories and by communities empowering themselves. Traveling around the world, I have met inspiring people, music, arts, and more. Those stories I would like to share with you. Here and now.

Our experiences are directly connected to our culture and heritage. Sometimes, we are afraid to communicate about culture and its differences. One aim of Lenita Tropical is to highlight these differences instead of shaming them. My goal is to improve our shared understanding of each other. We are all unique and this why we all have a story to tell that no one ever has told before.