Looking for a way how to exploit your traveling journey to the fullest? Then you should consider a work and travel trip! Being active while traveling is not only good for your wallet, it is also your chance to fully immerse yourself with the local community.

Make your work and travel experience seamless, easy, and memorable with one of the following five ways of work and travel. Find the perfect job match for your desired destination!

  1. Choose between millions of alternatives with Workaway!

One of the best web pages to find a unique working experience in a foreign country is Workaway. The webpage has listings all over the world. You can read reviews from previous travelers, ask questions beforehand, and choose between plenty of working experiences. The subscription lasts one year and costs 44 USD per year. In exchange you get to chose between sustainable work, hostel staff, social support, and plenty of other imaginable work and travel experiences. The providers support you during the whole process and ensure safety for you.

Medellín football
I worked in community management in Medellín for the Spanish School Colombia Immersion, via Workaway!

2. Babysit a house with House-sitting!

A great alternative to work and travel is house sitting. During a house visit stay, you basically take care of the amenities, grounds, plants, and pets of people who are abroad or otherwise unable to work at home. Browse through pages like Housesitmatch or trustedhousesitters and look for matching house-caring opportunities. Living in someone’s community and taking part in a whole different lifestyle is an invaluable experience. On top, you can save money and parry the stress to look for accommodation.

House sitting
House-sitting a villa in the middle of nature seems like a deal, doesn’t it?


3. Teach your mother tongue or other skills to locals!

Another way to immerse with a different culture while being employed is by teaching. Choose a language or skill you are proficient at. You can offer your services online as well as in person, while the personal meet-up is perfect for networking! Either sign up for a webpage that will connect you with potential students or make yourself a name via Facebook groups and local announcements. It’s worth it!

Teach others in whatever you are good at – languages, software,…

4. Cruise around the sea on a ship!

Another unforgettable way to spend your work and travel holiday is by joining a yacht or cruise ship crew. Check out YPI, job search pages for cruise ships. Cruiseship most of the time take off for several months, which means you should bring time. Be prepared to be sailing for a long time, without seeing a strip of land, always with the same people and more or less access to luxury. However, cruising can be an incredible experience, connecting you closely with your board crew and letting you see the world from a different angle – from waters.

How about a few months on the deck of a cruise?

5. Learn to grow healthy foods on an organic farm!

Have you ever thought about growing your own vegetables in an ecological and environmentally-friendly manner? Then you will love to work with a farm via WWoof. Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a “worldwide movement to link visitors (WWOOFers) with organic farmers, promote a cultural and educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming and sustainability practices”. They have local farms almost anywhere in the world, and you can choose between family-run businesses, neighborhood gardening, and large farms. Not only for people with green skills!

organic farming
Learn to grow vegetables, fruits, and foods organically!














You know you want to travel but not sure where to? How about an unforgettable journey through Brazil?


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